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We check upon request the installation of PV Plants to assure that the Installer or the contractor did
install the array and the electrical system according to the plans and the relevant electrical laws.
We verify the standarts from the construction elements trough all the electrical system
either DC or AC side.
We take and record all the data and a full Inspection protocol is delivered .
We perform all kind of testing procedures regarding wich kind of data is required to aquire at any PV plant.
All of our testing procedures and equipment comply with the Low Voltage Directives and all relevant
international standarts.
Our experience and expertize in identyfing different failures at the PV plant is based on a vast knowdlege
of the devices involved and a large ammount of experience in conducting those test in small,medium or large fields.
We offer: Efficiency test
Insulation Test
I V Test
Power analyzing
Grid performance
PID Testing protocol
We conduct a verification process on any kind of Solar plants.
We give our customers the assurance that every single string at the hole array is working
as expected .
We verify all series connections and conduct a full insulation test .
We take all parameters in consideration and compare them with parameters STC.
A full hard copied protocol is given to the customer and all equipment recording data
from the measurements taken at the field.